A phlebotomist is a trained professional responsible for drawing blood from patients for testing purposes. Such individuals work with hospital, private practices and health care centres. With appropriate training individuals can adhere to the safety norms and extract blood efficiently. Red Cross Phlebotomy training is among the different training institutes that teach the intricacies of phlebotomy to students. The American Red Cross which is a known name in health care sector offers day training clinics. Prospective students can opt for this training facility since it is an accredited name in health care sector and it is advisable for students to get training from well known and efficient colleges and schools.

The Red Cross Phlebotomy training teaches students all aspects related to phlebotomy. This includes the anatomy as well as physiology aspects along with knowledge of the circulatory system. The training clinic teaches techniques of drawing blood, use of equipments, storage and analysis and recording of the results as well. Students are also taught how to deal with patients while extracting blood as a part of the courseware. Besides this the training also includes legal aspects related with blood collection and important safety and precaution aspects are also taught. The formal training equips individuals to interact with patients and effectively extract blood without any problems.

There are several employment opportunities for phlebotomists but most employers prefer individuals who are effectively trained, certified and who posses certain amount of experience in the field. It is therefore advisable for students to get training from renowned and reputable institutes and follow it up with certification. Red Cross Phlebotomy training classes allow individuals to be associated with a reputable institute. The certification can be got from institutes like American Association of Medical Personnel, American Medical Technologists and American Society of Clinical Pathologists. The course can vary in duration from four months to around one year.

The Red cross phlebotomy training program teaches students how to use the syringe along with butterfly venipuncture as well as capillary methods in collecting sample. As a part of the training students are taught to draw with the use of a training arms and with practice they are supervised as they draw blood from each other. The class can effectively train individuals to become phlebotomists through such additional tools as classroom discussions and videos that help in learning about the anatomy and physiology.

On successful completion of the training program individuals are awarded the certification of completion. These students can get certification after giving the NHA exam. A person graduation from the Red cross phlebotomy training program would have skills to work as entry level phlebotomist. The theory class for the program includes 80 hours of study followed by 40 hours hospital laboratory work. The 40 hours hospital laboratory work should be undertaken by students in their own time.

To qualify for the Red Cross phlebotomy training program individuals must have completed 18 years at the time of completing the course. The students also have to go through an interview with the instructor or co-ordinator. Students are required to furnish physical examination documents and get Hebatitis B vaccine along with TB Mantoux test. The tuition fees for the course are $965.